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If you have an idea and need funds or want to get a job, connect with people, hire a christian professional, find a coach and other needs, join us and and together let’s finish the work of spread the message on this generation.


Entrepreneurs Directory

The place where you can find different services provided by Adventist people.

Adventist Marketplace

Buy & Sell products from Adventist entrepreneurs globally

Jobs offers

Publish job offers and get contracted by companies with same values

MicroJobs Platform

Adventist freelance services Marketplace for Businesses

Open Innovation for Universities

World Open Innovation challenges for students of Adventist Univerties

Pitch Competition for young people

World pitch competition for Adventist Primary & Secondary Schools.

From a Idea to a Startup. We will guide you to learn step by step how to be a successful entrepreneur. Innovation & Entrepreneurship courses for Universities and Schools

Professional education program

Learn about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, Leadership and much more

Consulting Services

Innovation Strategy Design, Innovation Culture instalation, Workshops, Hackathons, Ideatons, Collaborathons, Seminars, etc

Innovation, Leadership news

Join to our leadership program centered on real projects and innovation

Learn & Co-create

Innovation & leadership are team sports. Connect with other institutions and startups, participate in tech missions and learn from others experiences and failures

Mentors Network

1-1 mentorship, join to our mentors network and be a certified mentor with our program.

Investors Network

Join to our network of angels investors to support business with mission. Learn to be a real angel investor.

Corporate Venture Capital

If you need funds for grow your business wih mission,  these is the right place. The first Adventist CVC

Adventist Crowdfunding

Get funds for start your project with mission and make your dream come true with seed capital.

Adventist Virtual Events

Event as a Service (EaaS) oriented to adventist people and institutions


adventist people
   around the world working as a body 
Supporting each other, with the objetive of finish the work of spread the message in this generation, using our gifts to serve the Lord and other people.
if you like to be part of this project
join us

We are looking for Sponsors, Volunteers and Donors to be part and support our project. If you have the desire of serve others and help us with money or resources  send us an email or program a call with our CEO Rodrigo Urrejola.

    Your support help us to make a big impact. 

    JOIN & ENJOY 7hub
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    • Social networking
    • Create groups
    • Get funds for start your project
    • Collaborate with Adventist institutions
    • Support projects that you love
    • Sale your product to a targeted audience
    • Get Mentoring from recognized Adventist experts
    • Learn about innovation
    • Apply for jobs
    • Publish Job Offers
    • Hire Adventist Professionals
    • Ear great content from adventist podcasters
    • Buy and Sell products
    • Solve Open Innovation Challenges
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