Crowdfunding, Mentoring, Marketplace, Job offers, e-learning, Social Network and much more

If you have an idea and need funds or want to get a job, connect with people, hire a christian professional, find a coach and other needs, join us and and together let’s finish the work of spread the message on this generation.



Social Network

Connect with other Adventist professionals, join to groups by topics, share and collaborate with others


Get fund for start your project. Support people that have great ideas with a purpose

Job Platform

Apply for jobs offers from adventist community or contract the right professional

Events for innovate

Bootcamps, Workshops and Seminars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for your institution.

Adventist Coaches

Receive a mentorship from Adventist experts in 1-1 sesions.

I+E Summit

The 1st global event oriented to promote innovation and entrepreneurship


Buy great products from adventist entrepreneurs  with worldwide distribution

Create & Share content

Ear curated content of different adventist speakers

Innovation Club

The place where you can learn from others failures, sharing experiencies, collaborate and co-create solving Open Innovation Challenges

Adventist Virtual Incubator

From the idea to a startup. we will guide you to learn step by step to be a succesful entrepreneur

E-learning Platform

Learn aboout different topics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

adventist people
   around the world working as a body 
Supporting each other, with the objetive of finish the work of spread the message in this generation, using our gifts to serve the Lord and other people.
if you like to be part of this project
join us

We are looking for Sponsors, Volunteers and Donors to be part and support our project. If you have the desire of serve others and help us with money or resources  send us an email or program a call with our CEO Rodrigo Urrejola.

Your support help us to make a big impact. 

innovate collaborate cocreate
  • Social networking
  • Create groups
  • Get funds for start your project
  • Collaborate with Adventist institutions
  • Support projects that you love
  • Sale your product to a targeted audience
  • Get Mentoring from recognized Adventist experts
  • Learn about innovation
  • Apply for jobs
  • Publish Job Offers
  • Hire Adventist Professionals
  • Ear great content from adventist podcasters
  • Buy and Sell products
  • Solve Open Innovation Challenges